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Buying a property is probably one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make. Arranging a pre-purchase inspection of your potential home can help ensure that there are no costly surprises in store, and make your buying decision easier.

At Compare Inspections, we provide an online and phone-based service that allows you to arrange pre-purchase inspection reports for properties in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South and Western Australia.

What type of reports does Compare Inspections offer?

We offer a full range of pre-purchase inspection reports for home buyers, including:


  • Building
  • Timber Pest
  • Strata Title


How can you save money with us?
The cost of pre-purchase inspections and reports can add up, particularly if you have to order them for multiple properties before finding the right one.
With our network of Australian property inspectors, you can easily compare prices and services before ordering a new report.
We also aim to help make the process easier and more cost effective by allowing you to purchase existing reports at competitive prices, or earn money from re-selling a report you have already purchased.

Save money by purchasing existing reports
Want to save money on your property report? Through us, you can check whether a report already exists for a property you are interested in. Purchasing an existing report can save you as much as 25% off the price of getting a new report created. Our pre-existing reports are available for immediate download and are only provided by our list of established inspection companies.

Get existing pre purchase inspection reports

Earn money from on-selling a report

If you purchase an inspection report through Compare Inspections, you can re-sell it through us and earn money back every time a copy is sold. This is a great idea for auction sales, where there are likely to be other interested buyers and you are keen to mitigate your costs in case you are unsuccessful. If you choose to re-sell a report, it will appear in our Existing Reports section. You get 25% back for every copy sold so it’s possible to make a significant saving – even a profit!


Order a pre purchase inspection report

Don’t be tempted to buy a property without an inspection! With Compare Inspections, we make arranging and finding building inspection reports easy, and cost effective. Call us today on 1300 724 465, or order online.


For more information and to get started, see our How It Works and FAQ sections or contact us at admin@compareinspections.com.au.

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