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Frequently Asked Questions

What inspections do we provide?



A strata report can be obtained for any property under a strata scheme such as strata title, community or neighbourhood plans or company title. The inspection involves reviewing the last 3-5 years of management records of the property to understand the state of finances and insurance, gain a history of building works and issues and identify any disharmony concerns amongst residents. The inspection does not involve visiting the property but rather the holder of records which is usually a strata management company. The report will contain scans of documents deemed important by the inspector and include a summary of key findings and information you should be aware of.




A building inspection is used to identify the major and minor defects and safety hazards associated with the property at the time of the inspection. The overall condition of the building is also compared to similarly constructed buildings of the same period to provide a comparative view on how well the property has been maintained. All accessible structural elements both inside and outside of the main dwelling and within the immediate vicinity are inspected and reported upon.  Whether you’re thinking of selling, purchasing or leasing a property this report provides invaluable information on the state of the property and any repairs required.


Timber Pest


Property damage in particular from subterranean termites is a major concern within Australia and can lead to repair bills costing tens of thousands of dollars if not detected and treated quickly. A timber pest inspection focusses on the three major causes of damage that being termites, wood borers and fungal decay by identifying past damage,current activity or the susceptibility of the property to future infestation.  The interior and exterior of the property is inspected and gardens and fences up to 30m from the main dwelling for signs of activity. This report is strongly recommended as the risks of undetected terminte activtity have major ramifications.


Pool Safety Compliance Certification


If you are planning to sell or lease your property in New South Wales or Queensland and have a pool or spa it is mandatory to obtain a pool safety compliance certification to show that it meets state safety standards. As the name suggests the inspection concerns the safety of the pool or spa and therefore focusses on gates, barriers and hazards or obstacles to ensure small children cannot gain unsupervised access.


If the pool or spa fails certification the inspector will provide a written report advising why and how to rectify the issue. The inspector can then be requested to re-inspect the area once the items have been addressed.

What inspection report should I get?

Is the property under a strata scheme?


If the property is part of a strata scheme i.e. a strata plan, community or neighbourhood scheme, we strongly recommend obtaining a strata report in the first instance. Not only will this provide essential financial and insurance information regarding the scheme but also uncover detail that is not apparent from a physical inspection such as a history building works, issues and resident concerns. In many cases a strata report may well be all you need whereas in other instances it can assist in identifying further inspections that may be required.


What type of property is it for?


Apartment / Unit – normally a strata report on its own is sufficient for apartments but in some cases the report or open visits may highlight concerns such as water penetration or cracking that you may want to follow-up with a building inspection to gain more detail on the issue. It should be noted that these inspections are limited to the interior of the apartment only and does not include the exterior, common property or other apartments. For this reason we usually advise checking the strata report for annual pest inspections and treatment as inspecting an individual apartment is limited in identifying these issues but can be conducted for peace of mind in the absence of a complete block inspection.


Villa/Townhouse – if the property is part of a scheme a strata report should first be obtained to help identify any historical issues and clarify if an annual pest inspection has been conducted. If not we advise obtaining a pest inspection for the property and surrounding land. We also strongly advise undertaking a building inspection for these dwellings as issues can often go undetected or not reported by the current owners. This means that irrespective of whether the responsibility is solely with the new owner or shared with the body corporate it can still be a nasty surprise that could be avoided.


Houses–we always advise a building and pest inspection for free standing houses. A property may look in good condition, especially when it has been dressed to sell, but may hide many issues that are not apparent to the untrained eye. Likewise knowing if your intended property has experienced or is susceptible to termites and wood borers can save you many thousands in the long run.

How long does it take to get a report?

Most inspections are conducted and reports issued within 48 hours of ordering in major locations. In smaller or regional locations timeframes are more typically 72 hours.  Access to tenanted properties can vary based on the occupant’s availability and flexibility.

How much does an inspection cost?

Please note that Compare Inspections does not set the cost of reports but merely provides a price comparison facility that reflects each inspection company’s price for those services.


Costs vary based on the type of report required, the location and in the case of building and pest inspection on the size of the property to be inspected. Different prices by inspectors for the same inspection reflect their cost of service which may include experience, travel time or overheads.


Prices will generally be lower in larger locations due to increased competition and shorter travel times.


To find and compare prices for an inspection simply type in the address in the search bar at the top of the homepage and follow the prompts or call Compare Inspections on 1300 724 465 and ask for assistance.

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