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The Benefits of Purchasing Property in Regional Geelong

Posted on 16 October 2014

If you’ve been thinking of escaping the city to a place that is a little slower-paced, perhaps the regional centre of Geelong will tick all of your boxes. This beautiful port city, located just 75 km from Melbourne, offers buyers a range of lifestyle choices. Inner city-style living, suburban homes, seaside getaways and country vistas are on offer – all without having to conquer the congestion experienced in big cities. So what benefits does Geelong have to make your property purchase worthwhile?



The good news is that the City of Greater Geelong is an affordable property location, with the median house price in the June quarter this year just $416,000, according to figures from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. So if you sell your home in Melbourne, you could get much more house for your money in Geelong, depending on whether you buy in the suburbs, in a rural area, or near the beach.


Family friendly

If you’re looking for somewhere to raise a family, Geelong has a strong education framework. As Victoria’s second largest city, Geelong is home to various public and private schools, TAFE and Deakin University, all offering opportunities to learn.


And if you want to retain your job in Melbourne, working in the city and living by the sea with your family is still achievable. It’s an easy train commute into Melbourne, a perfect opportunity to relax, catch up on a good book and recharge so you can enjoy the slower-paced life when you get home.



Even though Geelong is a little more laid back than the bigger cities, it isn’t lacking in facilities. With a large commercial centre that extends down to the waterfront, Geelong has all of the creature comforts you’ll need – without having to drive kilometres.


The most convenient of all though, is the fact that buying a property in Geelong gives you lots of choice. You may choose to live in the suburbs of Geelong but still be close to the beach, or live in a rural Geelong setting with the convenience of a city centre close by and the seaside a quick drive away.



You won’t compromise on your lifestyle living in Geelong. It offers abundant trendy cafes and restaurants, a great retail scene, parks, art and history. It’s also the gateway to the Great Ocean Road, and you could live a stone’s throw away from one of its beautiful surf beaches. Lifestyle and property go hand-in-hand too; the closer you are to the beach or beautiful parks, the higher your chances of increased capital growth.


But don’t get lured by the attractiveness of beachside living until you have a property inspection. Geelong waterfront properties have likely been susceptible to the elements, something worth checking before you sign on the dotted line.



According to realestate.com.au, Geelong has seen 7.4% growth. Robert Larocca of RP Data Victoria confirmed that figures show buying in Geelong’s real estate market could be a good investment in the medium to long-term.


Beaches, parks and the countryside – these are the things that more and more people are starting to prefer in a lifestyle and which make buying property in Geelong so attractive. The idea of a tree change will likely grow in popularity over the medium to long-term, and in response there will be a greater demand for the slower-paced lifestyle that Geelong has to offer.


So if these benefits of buying and living in Geelong have inspired you to consider a purchase, don’t forget the peace of mind you’ll enjoy by having Compare Inspections organise your property inspection.


By Darel McBride


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