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Things to Look Out For When Viewing a Property

Posted on 28 November 2015

You wouldn’t be the first to fall instantly in love with a property at an Open for Inspection. But that rosy glow can blind you to more urgent matters than the beauty of the décor or size of the garden.
It’s not much good having a smartly renovated interior if borers are busy invading the walls and the slab is slipping.

It’s essential to know what you’re looking for when viewing properties for sale. Draw up your list of requirements beforehand, and don’t be tempted to depart from it.


Is the house big enough for your needs?

A cleverly dressed house can make small rooms look far larger. The real test is imagining a house with your own furniture inside. Will it all fit, and will it look okay? Are you used to having one or two living areas, and do you need some upstairs space? How important is your garden area?


Do you need a building inspector in Sydney or Melbourne?

If you can see sagging ceilings and cracked walls, there could be significant structural problems. Even if everything looks okay, vendors can be masters of disguise when it comes to covering up nasties under new coats of paint and strategically placed rugs and carpet.


This is where a good building inspector in Sydney or Melbourne can help, by giving the property a thorough going over and providing a building inspection report.


Sydney and Melbourne both have their share of locations and houses prone to pest infestation and structural weakness – so why take a chance?


Is there mouldy plaster and rotting window frames?

If you find patches of mould around the house, it can be very expensive to treat. It also begs the question of where it’s coming from. Is there a leak in the roof?

Your pre purchase inspection can clarify the source of any unexplained damp.


Does the plumbing check out?

It’s not being pushy. If you’re genuinely interested in the house, you need to know the state of its plumbing. Run taps to check water pressure. Check that pipes are insulated and not made of lead. Ask how old the hot water tank is.


What’s the heating and cooling like?

Replacing any heating or cooling system is not going to be cheap. So check out exactly how well the house is served in this regard, and how old the heating and cooling systems are.


Some buyers feel awkward asking, but it’s okay to test these if you have a genuine interest in buying.


Is it on a noisy street?

If you visit on a Saturday, you have no idea what the traffic is like during peak hour on a weekday. If you’re interested in the house, call back at different times of day and on different days of the week. This will give you a true indication of noise level at the property.


What are the neighbours like?

If their gardens are piled with junk and rotting cars, you could be buying trouble. Again, pay some extra visits. Friday and Saturday nights are a good time to see if potential neighbours are party animals. One or two exceptionally annoying neighbours can bring down prices in the entire street and make your life a misery.


Is it close to schools, shops and parks?

If this is important to you, you need to check the accessibility of local amenities. If you’ll be using public transport, it’s vital you know if train stations and bus stops are close by.


You might find a relatively cheaper property further away from amenities, but only you know whether that’s a compromise you’re prepared to make.


At the end of the day, none of these issues might stop you buying a red-hot property. But they can be a great negotiating tool in bringing the price down.


If the vendor and agent know that you’re aware of them, it’s far more likely they’ll come to the party. So don’t hold back!



By Darel McBride


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