Sydney Pool Inspections and Pool Certifications

Backyard drownings are a leading cause of preventable death for children under 5 in Australia. As a result, both the NSW and QLD State Governments have implemented pool safety compliance requirements that enforce all properties to have a safety certificate before being placed on the property market.


Certificates indicate if the pool is compliant with current safety standards or if it is non-compliant. In the event of non-compliance, buyers in NSW must be aware that they have 90 days to rectify any issues once they have settled on their property purchase.


A pool compliance certificate is also required when selling property with a shared pool, such as in an apartment block, with the inspection normally being organised by the owner’s corporation or body corporate.


Compare Inspections offers a choice of local pool inspectors in Sydney all of which are experienced, fully insured and certified to perform pool safety inspections.


Pools must first be on the state swimming pools register and can then be inspected to ensure all gates, latches, barriers, boundary fencing and landscaping meet the required Australian and state standards. For more information, check out Pool Compliance Certification.


Compare Inspections offers a great alternative to the long lead times for council inspections by providing private certifiers at affordable prices and fast turnaround. Just type in the property address above and find out how easy it is to organise a pool safety inspection with Compare Inspections.



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