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5 things sellers may not be thinking of

Posted on 21 June 2016

Because buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment you have ever made, selling it - and therefore maximising that sale price - is every bit as important. But it's impossible to deny that the housing and property market today is not quite what it was a decade ago. That means it is now even more important to know not only the obvious tips - like getting a detailed building and pest inspection done so you can detect and fix problems before the buyer does - but going a little deeper when it comes to squeezing out every crucial dollar.

So here are five things many sellers might never have even thought about.

1. Testing your agent

Your real estate agent has made all the right noises to your face, but there's nothing wrong with giving them a little, harmless test. So turn off the caller ID on your phone, or ask your friend to do your detective-work for you, and give them a call, expressing interest in your property. What sort of reaction are you getting? Are they sounding full of enthusiasm for your property or telling you that they have better options in their inventory? Ask them if an out-of-hours inspection can be arranged - like a Tuesday night at 8pm. If not, is the agent thinking of your convenience, or theirs?

2. Motivating your agent

Similarly, there are things you can do to try to gee up your agent and spur them into providing you with impeccable levels of service, especially when your property is 'fresh' on the market. For instance, while many agents will pretend that their offer of 3% commission is final, tell them that you will sign up with them but only if they agree that the 3% will apply if they find an unconditional buyer within three months. After that, the commission will drop to 2.5%. It's amazing what a bit of healthy financial incentive will do to a salesperson.

3. Looking into the details

You've thought long and hard about your property's price point, ensuring that while it is not too low that you are underselling your valuable asset, it is also not so high that it will scare off your intended market of buyers. But there is more to think about than that - for instance, when buyers looking for a home in the $300,000 range enter '$300,000 and up' in the popular real estate websites, is your cleverly-designed price of $299,000 actually meaning you are not appearing in these people's search listings?

4. Thinking beyond how you use your home

A surprising number of people prepare their house for sale simply by going into every room and tidying and polishing to perfection. But you need to be engaging your brain beyond how you and your family are using the home, and think about how to present it to the broadest possible market of buyers. Given that more bedrooms means a higher price, does it therefore make more sense to add a small bed to your study? Or what about if you don't have kids yourself but you think your property might actually be perfect for a growing family? It might make sense to kit out that spare room with a few toys, just to stir the imagination of those who may be attending the inspections.

5. Thinking of everything

In this market, anything you can think of may either get you across the line with a great price, or encourage your perfect buyer to say 'No, thanks' to the agent and take their cheque around the corner. So are you having a minor dispute with your neighbour that might mean they decide to get out the leaf-blower or chainsaw during one of your crucial open inspections? Something as simple as inviting them around for coffee the night before, putting your dispute to an end, might be the minor detail that really matters when it comes to inspection day.



By Darel McBride


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