Whether to renovate or not is a common question that faces many vendors.
It is a popular way to make a property instantly appealing to buyers. But it is also important not to be too ambitious and get carried away with expensive renovations which over-capitalise your property. This means that the amount you spend on renovations is unlikely to be recouped in the selling price.

You wouldn’t be the first to fall instantly in love with a property at an Open for Inspection. But that rosy glow can blind you to more urgent matters than the beauty of the décor or size of the garden.
It’s not much good having a smartly renovated interior if borers are busy invading the walls and the slab is slipping.

Despite spiralling house prices, plenty of first home buyers in Australia are still determined to acquire their first home.
If you want to get on the property ladder, ensure you do your homework before you commit – avoiding the heartache of buying the wrong property, getting stuck in a bad area, or perhaps even defaulting on your home loan.

With house prices in a number of Australia’s major cities heading skyward, it’s no surprise that home buyers are having to be creative if they want to get on the property ladder.
One way of doing this is by purchasing property jointly with friends, colleagues, co-investors – or family.

Record numbers of first home buyers in Australia are choosing to buy investment properties rather than live-in homes, according to recent data.
Pushed out of the housing market by escalating prices, first home buyers are increasingly choosing to stay at home or live in rental properties while buying an investment property as their first step on the property ladder.

Breaking the rent cycle and owning your own home can be a rewarding achievement. Let’s face it, rent money can be seen as dead money. However, it’s important to know your market, keep to your budget and do your research so you don’t buy the wrong property, and end up back where you started.

Whether to buy a house or a unit is a question that has long been debated by homebuyers. There are pros and cons that you need to carefully assess before you take the plunge into property ownership, and your final decision will come down to your individual circumstances. Let’s take a look at some of the general pros and cons of each.

It’s a huge investment, isn’t it? Not just a house but a home – the place where you and your family will live, perhaps for many years to come. If you get it right, your wellbeing and bank balance will benefit. Get it wrong and you could be in a world of pain, digging your way out of a financial and administrative nightmare.

We’ve all seen the ads. The smug-looking family shakes the auctioneer’s hand, while the losing family trails away dejected. Auctions can be emotionally demanding and stressful experiences. It’s all too easy to miss out, or – far worse – end up overpaying for a property which turns out to have faulty foundations, termites and a new supermarket due to start construction over the back fence.

Spring is traditionally the hottest time in the housing market, and even though we’re currently suffering through the winter chill, it will be here before we know it. Buyers come out of their winter hibernation for the spring selling season, and sellers spruce up their homes to show to best advantage in the warm days ahead. If you are one of the many thinking about listing your home for sale this coming spring, here’s what you’ll need to do.

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