Cracks: Are They Serious?

Posted on 16 July 2015

So you’ve found your dream home. You’ve fallen for the style and layout, the size suits your needs, and it’s in a tree-lined street in a perfect location. Even the price is right, but you noticed some cracks in the external walls. Should you run a mile? Is the house about to fall down? How concerned should you be about these cracks?

3 Suburbs to Watch in Melbourne

Posted on 6 June 2015

2015 has seen continued growth in Melbourne, with the property market said to be “in the best shape since the boom of 2009,” according to Domain Group senior economist Andrew Wilson. Auction clearance rates have been the talk of the town recently, with a newsworthy high of 83% reported on May 23, and the latest reduction in interest rates adds a further boost to the housing market.

5 Reasons to Buy in Perth

Posted on 6 June 2015

Of all the capital cities in Australia, Perth would have to be one of the most underrated. Located as far west as you can get, Perth proudly boasts views of perfect sunsets over the ocean and idyllic weather conditions. But it’s not only the beaches and the relaxed vibe that entices buyers, the city has much more to offer.

So you’ve found your renovator’s delight and are sitting down ready to design your dream home. While you may have grand plans and a scrapbook full of ideas, have you thought about how energy efficient your renovation will be?
With all new home constructions, renovations, alterations and additions needing to comply with the National Construction Code 6 Star Standard these days, the energy efficiency of your design will need to be considered.

With rental prices strong across Australia, if you’ve ever considered investing in bricks and mortar, now could be the perfect time. Median weekly rental prices for houses increased by 0.8% in the March quarter with unit rentals rising 0.4%, according to figures taken from the Domain Group Rental Report. Melbourne in particular saw the best increase with 2.5%, while Sydney rents also remain at record levels.

Property is a great conversation topic because it affects us all in some way, from our basic need for shelter through to the glamour and status of prestigious property. Therefore, property will always be a hot topic. Everybody has an opinion about it, whether in terms of its type, style, location, aspect and liveability, or the current focus - given rising prices in our three major cities Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - affordability.

Springfield, located west of Brisbane in Queensland, might look like an ordinary everyday suburb, but it owes its existence to the dream of a man who grew up in a poor Malaysian village and sought a better life in Australia.

When you’ve found a little gem of an historical house in Perth, which has stories embedded in its walls and gracefully displays the architectural charm of yesteryear, it is quite likely to be listed on the Register of Heritage Places.

Mentoring and thought leadership in the real estate industry is now a critical part of the success of many leading agents. As a former real estate agent with more than 25 years’ experience in both boom and bust markets, I can vouch for the fact that experience will always count, and that wisdom is learnt from succeeding and failing.

Sydney could soon overtake Melbourne with the lowest rental yields of all capital cities, according to CoreLogic RP Data.

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