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Buying a Property? Let Compare Inspections Help

Posted on 7 April 2014

Buying a home is a big investment and one that most people take very seriously. It can take time and hard work to find the right home, and even when you think you have found your ideal property, there are other factors to take into consideration before you commit to a purchase. To reduce the risk of making an expensive mistake, it’s important to obtain pre-purchase inspection reports. These reports can be costly, though, especially if you end up looking at multiple properties. While it might be tempting to skimp on reports to save money, there is another way to reduce your pre-purchase costs, and still gain access to the important information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.


At Compare Inspections, we offer you the opportunity to compare a wide range of different Australian property inspectors and services and find the best rate. It is also possible in some cases to buy pre-existing inspection reports for properties at a fraction of the cost of ordering them new. You can also earn money by re-selling an existing report you have purchased through us.

Protect your financial future

Buying a property without an inspection is risky at best and not to be advised. Although inspection reports can be expensive, the potential cost of making an ill-advised purchase could be much higher, and might be one that you end up paying for long into the future. No matter what type of property inspection you are looking for, at Easy Path you can find the best provider in your area and arrange your inspection quickly and easily, online or over the phone.


The types of reports we can help you arrange include:


  • General pre-purchase building reports
  • Strata title reports
  • Timber and pest reports
  • Special property reports


The types of reports you are likely to need depend on the type of property you are looking at and the condition that it is in. Many inspectors offer discounts for customers who want to order more than one type of report at a time, which can help you reduce your overall costs. If you have any special requirements you can discuss them with the property inspectors you get in touch with and they will do their best to accommodate.

Reliable and secure

If you decide to purchase an existing report you can be sure of its reliability. At Compare Inspections, we ensure that only listed inspectors can upload reports to the site and customers are required to make the decision whether or not to re-sell a report at the time of purchase, not after they have seen it. This helps maintain the integrity of our system, and ensures that there is no pre-selection of what reports to sell by customers.


All our reports, new and pre-purchased, are insured and supported by well-established inspection companies. If you choose to re-sell an inspection report, you can be sure that your personal details and those of anybody who purchases it from you remain confidential and secure.

Keep costs low by purchasing pre-existing reports or re-selling your reports

Compare Inspections is unique in that we allow our customers to purchase pre-existing property reports, where available, at a reduced cost. If you decide to purchase a new report, you can also potentially recover some of your costs by re-selling it to one or multiple users.


If you are looking for a report on a particular property you can do a search on our site and find out if there is a current report available. We only keep reports up to 60 days old available for re-sale, to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date. Purchasing an existing report means that you can download it immediately and have the information you need available straight away, without having to wait for a new report to be arranged and completed. Depending on what reports have previously been taken out against the property, you may find pre-purchase reports, strata title reports and pest inspection reports already exist.


If you decide to organise and purchase a new report for a property you are looking at, you have the option to re-sell it through Compare Inspections. This is not compulsory and if you choose not to re-sell, the report will not be available for anyone else to view. If you decide to offer the report for re-sale it will become available once it is completed. No personal details will be shared during the re-sale of reports. Reports will be re-sold at 70% off the original listed price.

Reduce stress

Compare Inspections is a one stop location for all your pre-purchase inspection needs. Through our site it is easy to find inspection providers in your area and arrange and order reports. By comparing rates and services you can easily find the best price and get your inspection arranged and completed in the timeframe of your choosing.


Buying a property can be stressful. At Compare Inspections we aim to take some of the stress out of the process by making it easy to arrange your pre-purchase inspection reports at competitive prices.


By Darel McBride


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