Sometimes, it's just how you look at things. When it comes to buying or selling a home, it can be argued that it is harder than ever in 2016 - or perhaps it's easier.

Prices are at fingertip-reach at best for many millennials, and there is now so much information and analysis within reach too, which can make buying confusing. All of that makes it hard for sellers, too.

The 'must dos' when buying your first home

Posted on 10 October 2016

So you've saved your home deposit, and you've discussed your finance options with your lender. You've even been pre-approved for a home loan and conducted real estate research. Now it's time to find the right place for you to call home. But, before you rush out and sign a contract, there's a number of factors that you need to consider. Let's look at these now. 

When browsing real estate listings, buyers are naturally more attracted to listings with well-framed photos of a beautifully lit and staged living room than to cell phone photos of a cluttered living room. That seems like common sense, but people still make that mistake. Hiring a professional stager can pay for itself with a significant return on the investment. That said, allowing a stager into your home can sometimes be an unexpectedly touchy transaction. Here are a few tips on how to best work with your new stager to get the best possible result.

Can you afford to do a 'DIY' house sale?

Posted on 7 September 2016

In slightly less than thriving property market, an increasingly popular way to cut some costs is to do a DIY sale, forgoing the help (and the big fees) of a professional real estate agent and going it alone.

What is a building inspection?

Posted on 16 August 2016

A building inspection is an important part of buying your home. Having your property inspected by a professional can give you peace of mind that you are moving your family into a sturdy and safe home.

When buying your first home, there is a lot to think about. It’s a huge investment and you will probably be nervous and excited, wanting to make sure you get it right. Your real estate agent needs to be helpful and guide you through this process, and you want to be able to rest assured that they have your best interests at heart.

6 DIY house inspection tips

Posted on 18 July 2016

Buying a house is a huge investment and an even bigger decision, so don't cut corners by not getting a professional house inspection done. But even before you enlist the help of the professionals, there are plenty of ways you can do your own homework during an open inspection to either crown a potential winner or write off a lemon.

It can be intimidating to go into an auction wanting to buy. Emotions run high and it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement.

But you need to keep a cool head when bidding so you don’t make any purchase decisions you may come to regret. We’ve come up with some hot tips to ensure you make the right buying decision at the next real estate auction you attend.

Because buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment you have ever made, selling it - and therefore maximising that sale price - is every bit as important. But it's impossible to deny that the housing and property market today is not quite what it was a decade ago. That means it is now even more important to know not only the obvious tips - like getting a detailed building and pest inspection done so you can detect and fix problems before the buyer does - but going a little deeper when it comes to squeezing out every crucial dollar.

Investing in property makes sense. It tends to be a secure way to make money, as property is generally a safe bet. The value of your property should increase over time, which means you’ll benefit from capital growth as well as rental payments. If and when you decide to sell the property in the future, you can generally expect a tidy profit.

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