All reports resold through our site are produced and uploaded by our trusted list of inspectors.
Reports are only sold for 60 days after the inspection date meaning they are always recent and 
come fully insured and supported by the inspector. Existing reports are sold at 30% off the full 
price and can be downloaded immediately.*
* Reports on order may be purchased immediately and downloaded once available on the site.

Buy Existing Reports

In a hurry or simply want to save money on an inspection report, then why not buy a report that has already been produced for that property.


Purchasing an existing report is a great way to save time as it can be downloaded immediately, or as soon as it is available for reports that are still on order.


Not only that but existing reports bought through Compare Inspections are sold at 25% off the regular price meaning you get to save money as well.


All reports resold through our site are produced and uploaded by our trusted network of inspectors meaning you can trust the authenticity and quality of our ready-made reports. Plus, reports are only sold for 30 days after the inspection date which means they are always recent and come fully supported and insured by the inspector. This is especially important to note as vendors and agents have been known to give out inspection reports at open visits without advising buyers that they won't be able to ask the inspector any questions or claim on their insurance in case of any issues.


Personal details are kept safely on our system and never printed on reports so you can be assured that your details won't be shared with any other purchasers.


Existing reports are particularly great for auctions, especially as bidding time looms, and if you are unfortunate enough to be unsuccessful at least you'll have the comfort of knowing you saved some money in the process.

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