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Ever wondered why every buyer seems to buy their own inspection report for a property up for sale? So do we.


Unfortunately, there's no central register of inspections performed so it can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack when trying to locate a company that may have performed an inspection on the property you are interested in. That said, even when do it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to purchase it any cheaper as some inspection companies charge the same prices for report copies despite not re-inspecting the property. Other companies even flat-out refuse to resell reports so it's easy to see why many buyers simply order their own and pay the full price every time.


Compare Inspections is the first and only company that lets you resell reports ordered through us and earn money back. Copies are sold at a discount, making it attractive for others to buy and you get money back every time a copy is sold. Yes, that's right, money back, which is a complete first as even companies that do resell reports don't advise the original customer and simply keep the resale amount for themselves.


In fact, not only do toy get money back but you actually get 30% of the original purchase price back for every copy sold. Sell 3 copies and you get almost your entire money back, sell more and you could even make a profit.


To resell, simply order a report through us, tick the resell box on the order form and it will show up in our existing reports section. The report will be resold for 30 days and you will be notified of any sales that occur. Reselling is entirely optional, doesn’t cost anything extra and money is returned via an automated credit card refund at the end of the sale period meaning it’s money back for nothing.


Reselling is ideal for auctions where there are often several interested parties and can help to reduce your costs, especially if you are unsuccessful when bidding.

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